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Becoming a USSF Certified Referee
  pdf Instructions for creating user account at ohnreferees.gameofficials.net

General Notes:

  • Ohio North State Referee Committee contracts with GameOfficials.net to provide referee registration, clinic registration, online training and testing.
  • All new and current referees must first complete the online material and pass an online exam. Upon completion you receie a grade/age access code to sign up for an in-person clinic.
  • There are no minimum age requirements to become a referee. Many leagues may require a referee to be older than the players that they are officiating. Parents are advised to assess the maturity level of their child prior to permitting them to take the new referee course.
  • If your birthdate is on or before August 31, 1996 you will be required to complete a Risk Management application. This is a real time application process and you may get your approval instantly. If you do get an approval, proceed to the next step. If you are marked pending, you will not be permitted to register for a class. Check back to see when you are approved. If you are marked as pending then you will have to stop for now. Once you are approved you may proceed to the next step.
  • Local Clinic Fees – If the sponsoring organization will be charging any local clinic fees, the amount will be listed under the course description. This fee, if any, must be paid by cash or check to the sponsoring organization at the clinic.

 Novice (new) referee clinics

Step 1) Register for online course 233359-18New in GameOfficial.net.

Step 2) Complete the online course and obtain the required access code.

Step 3) Register and attend one of the in-person clinics found at the link below.

Upcoming Novice Referee In-person Clinics


Sponsoring a Novice Referee Clinic

Clinics for new referees are hosted by various organizations such as leagues, local referee associations, tournaments, etc. To request to host a new referee clinic the sponsor must provide a place to hold the clinic. New referee clinics are eight hours duration and may be scheduled for one day or over several days. Sponsors assume all responsibility for the cost of the clinic including any fee for the facility and pay for the instructors. Sponsors may charge participants up to $25.00 each to cover these costs. Once you decide to host a clinic, go to the Forms and Publication page and download the sponsorship agreement. When this is completed, contact the District Director of Instruction (DDI) for the district in which you live to verify that the dates are acceptable. Links to the DDI's e-mail may be found on the Ohio North Districts page. The DDI will assign instructors to the clinic and the District Referee Administrator will ensure that the participants are properly registered.


Ohio Concussion Awareness Law

Ohio has a law requiring all Coaches, Referees and league officials to undergo Concussion Awareness training every three years. This law applies to all youth sports including recreational, travel, indoor and premier soccer. The law, ORC 3707.52, became effective April 26, 2013.

To take the FREE course, go to NFHS "Concussion in Sports" course for officials.


Game Assignments

Many officials ask how they can get assignments to the various leagues.

First step is to log onto ohnreferees.gameofficials.net with the same user ID and password that you used to register. Then change identity on the left and switch to Group 1155 OHN Assignments. You are now logged into the assigning system.

Once on the system, go to My Preferences on the left. This will let you choose which leagues you wish to work. You may also enter other preferences in the misc preferences section to limit yourself to so many games per day, etc. Save your preferences.

Next, go to my availability on the left. Enter the dates you are available and for the areas you wish to work on those days. Be sure to enter all dates and times available and to update it if any change. The Game Officials system assumes you are available unless you indicate the dates you are available. Once you have chosen a league and indicated the dates you are available, you may also go to self-assign and indicate the games that you would like to do. 

You may also indicate any specific game(s) that you may be interested in working. Go to Self Assign on the left. Expand the Game filters on the top to find the dates, locations, leagues, etc. that you are interested in viewing. Then click on reload. Now you may go to the list of games and indicate any that you wish to work. You will be limited to the number of games in a day that you can request so choose wisely. Remember that this is not a guarantee of the game but only a way to indicate to the assignor that you would like to do an individual game.

To see a listing of all games go to www.gameofficials.net and choose the various leagues that you wish to see.

WARNING: Not all assignors use the gameofficials.net system. Contact your DRA for guidance.

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