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Becoming a Referee

There are no minimum age requirements to become a referee.  Many leagues may require a referee to be older than the players that they are officiating.  Parents are advised to assess the maturity level of their child prior to permitting them to take the new referee course.

Ohio North has instituted a program that will now allow you to become a referee by doing much of the course work online and by attending only eight hours at class.  Please read the entire instructions before trying to register for a class.

There are seventeen Laws of the Game.  The online training consists of a video on each law with review questions after most Laws and must be completed prior to signing up for an in-person class.  There is no time limit so you may work at your own pace.You will need to score a 100% on the review questions to get credit for the online portion of the class.  You may repeat the online portion as many times as necessary to achieve the 100%.  After reviewing all of the laws you will then be given a 50 question exam.  Passing score is 90%.  If you do not achieve the 90% then you can review the questions missed and the correct answer will be shown.  Subsequent exams have the same questions but the questions are in random order so question 1 on the first try will not be the first question on the second try.  Once the exam is completed you will be given a code in the next module that is used to access the in-person clinic of your choice.


At the in-person clinic you will be given situations that are common in officiating.  The class will work through these to determine the best way to resolve the problem.  There is no exam at the in-person clinic and you should receive a badge once you complete it.

The first step is to go to the Upcoming Referee Clinics page on the left and choose a clinic that you want to attend by clicking on New Referee Clinics.  Click on the View Event Details to the right side of the clinic for full details.  This will also include the clinic number.  Once you see that there is a clinic you can make in-person then you must FIRST sign up for the online clinic.  The cost to take the class and register with USSoccer is a non-refundable $75.00 which must be paid online by credit card or pay pal while registering.  Clinic sponsors may add up to $25.00 as a local clinic fee for the in-person class to pay for the instructors and the facility.  The local clinic fee will be listed under the Event Details and must be paid by cash or check at the clinic and can NOT be paid online.

Once you have completed the online portion you are ready to sign up for the class.  Follow this procedure to register for the class and take the online portion. This is a comprehensive registration procedure and will include your risk management as part of the registration process.  The Ohio North State Referee Committee has mandated that all persons 18 and older successfully pass a risk management assessment to be registered as a referee.  Besides officiating youth games, adult officials are many times assigned to officiate with officials that are not yet 18.  These officials, their parents and the soccer community need to know that they will be in a safe environment when officiating.

The next step is to sign in at ohnreferees.gameofficials.net or click on the link provided.  (Hint: do NOT put www in front of the ohnreferees.gameofficials.net address.) 

Choose New User from the menu on the left.  This will bring up a screen asking if you have ever been registered with USSoccer as a referee, instructor, assessor or assignor. Click on the "I have never been registered." 

This will bring you to another screen where you must certify that you have a valid e-mail address and that you have never been registered with USSoccer as a referee, assessor, instructor or assignor.  Click the box that states you have met the requirements. and then click on continue. 

You will now be brought to the screen where you enter some basic information.

Please complete the first line with your legal name.  The second line enables you to enter how you would like your registration to be displayed for assignors.  This is helpful if you normally use your middle name, nick name or if more than one person in your household has the same name.

Choose a user name and a password.  I STRONGLY suggest that you answer the security questions in case you forget your user id or password.  It may take several days for the system administrator to recover this if you forget them. 

Check that you agree with the terms of usage of the PAS system and then click on save-create new account.

You will now be shown a form to enter your personal information such as address and phone numbers.  This information is not shared with any other party other than administrators and assignors.  Fill in as many phone numbers as you want your assignors to have so they may contact you.  Once the form is completed click SAVE on the bottom of the page.

The following screen will be displayed if you have successfully created an account.

Click the OK button to continue.  You will now be shown a screen to enter your personal information.  Enter as many phone numbers and e-mail addresses as you would like to make it easier for assignors to contact you.  Information marked as private may only be seen by system administrators and assignors.  If it is not marked as private then other officials will be able to see the information ONLY when they are assigned to the same game as you are.  This is helpful if they need to contact someone and inform them that they are running late, need some help finding the field, etc.  The default for anyone under 18 is private.

When done click the Save button.

If your birthdate is on or before August 31, 1996 you will be required to complete a Risk Management application.  This is a real time application process and you may get your approval instantly.  If you do get an approval, proceed to the next step.  If you are marked pending, you will not be permitted to register for a class at this time.  It may take 2-3 days for your approval so you will have to check back to see when it is approved.  What are the reasons for pending?  These could include many that will not disqualify you as a referee.  You may just not be in the system, may have a different address in the RM system than you listed on your application, may have a minor traffic ticket, etc.  All of these reasons require the Risk Management Administrator to look at the reason for the pending and then approve the RM or request more information.  If you are marked as pending then you will have to stop for now.  Check back every day or so to see if you have received your approval.  Once you are approved you may proceed to the next step.

You are now ready to register for a course.  Choose COURSES from the menu on the left. 

On the next page choose REFEREE COURSES. You will then see the following screen:


Choose ENTRY 8 ONLINE MATERIAL.  You will be asked to enter the required information for the credit card.  The amount shown under total due ($75.00) is the non-refundable USSF registration fee.  Local clinic fees are NOT be included in this payment.  Click continue and you will be asked to verify your payment method.  You are now registered for the online material and should receive a confirming e-mail to the address listed.  Once you have registered for the class you will see your confirmation.  Above that will be a box that says LOAD SESSION TRACKER.  Click on that to start the online portion of the training.  The instructions are on the first page.  You may leave the presentation at any time and continue at a later time.

You may now do the online material.  Once that is completed and you receive the override code for the in-person class then repeat this step of going to COURSES then REFEREE COURSES and this time choose a GRADE 8 IN-PERSON NEW REFEREE CLASS.  (This will be followed by 1-day for classes held 8 straight hours on a weekend or by Over 3 days for classes held in evenings over several days.)  You will now be presented with a listing of classes that you may attend.  Choose which course you would like to attend.  Please note on the right it will tell you how many have registered and how many will be permitted to attend the class.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND THE CLASS FOR WHICH YOU REGISTER!  Your online class and registation fee is good for the balance of the current registration year and the following year in case an emergency arises and you cannot attend the class you signed up for.  Once you choose a class  you will see a screen similar to the following:

If this is the course that you wanted then click on Register for this course.  You will have to enter the age/grade override code that you received at the end of the online class.

You will now be presented with the USSF registration page.  Most of the items will be completed for you.  Complete the blank items which include Sex, Country of Birth and Country of Citizenship.  All items in Red are required fields.

Read the Information Certificate and check if you have ever been convicted of a felony, a crime of violence, a crime against another person or fraud.  Now sign the form electronically by clicking that you are the person listed or their legal representative, enter the date and agree to abide by the Risk Management Policy.

Risk Management - If you are 18 or older you will be required to complete the disclosure for the USSoccer Kids Safe program.  Please complete this in its entirety.


Once you have completed each session and are happy with your answers to the questions, you may click on Complete Session.  This will then record all of your answers and give you a percentage of how many were right.  You must score a 100% to pass.  If you do not score a 100% then you will have to take the online session again by clicking on the module and then choosing a new session.  If you do not score at least 90% on the exam then you must retake it by clicking on the exam again.

You will be given a Laws of the Game book at the class.  However, it is strongly suggested that you print one to have while you take the online sessions.  You may download a copy by clicking here. Once you have completed the course you should also download the USSoccer pamphlet "Information for New Referees."  This contains valuable information to help you start your officiating career.  The publicaton may be found on the Forms and Publication page of this site.  Please note that registrations fees are not refundable or transferable to another person.  You may choose to apply them to a different class this registration year or the next.


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