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Ohio North 2016 Registration

Detailed instructions on how to register may be found on the Registration page.

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2016 New Referee Clinic 
New Referee Clinics cannot be used to satisfy the annual hours of instruction for currently registered referees. They may be used for current grade 9 referees to advance to grade 8.  The cost to register will be $40.00 for USSF fee, $10.00 State Administrative Fee and $25.00 State clinic fee. Sponsoring organizations may charge an additional clinic fee of up to $25.00. Dues to a local referee association are voluntary and cannot be required as a condition of attending a clinic.  See clinic information for any additional fee or special instructions.  Click here to see a listing of the Novice Clinics.


2016 Referee Recertification Clinic

Referees are required to attend a minimum of five (5) hours of instruction each year to renew their license for the following year.  These instructional hours will consist of three hours online and two hours in person at a re-certification clinic.  There is no charge for currently licensed referees to attend these clinics but you must pay your annual regisration fee of $65.00. There may be separate clinics for persons 18 and over and for persons under 18.

Many of these meetings and clinics are held in conjunction with Local Referee Associations.  Although membership in local referee associations is encouraged, it is not mandatory for a referee to be a member of a local referee association nor to pay local referee association dues.  Assignors may not consider membership in a local referee association when assigning games.

2016 Physical Fitness Test

Grade 7a referees and higher must pass an annual fitness test to register at the advanced grades.  Becuase of the requirements for the new fitness tests, Fitness tests for grade 7 referees will no longer be held in the local districts.  State level referees are expected to attend the fitness test held at the annual State Referee Re-Certification clinic unless arrangements have been made with the State Director of Instruction. 

2016 State Referee Recertification Clinic

The State Referee Recertification Clinic is held each year to provide advanced instruction for State Level Referees.  The State Referee recertification test is given at this meeting.  All State Referees must attend this clinic or make arrangements with the State Director of Instruction to satisfy their in-service instructional requirements and take the State Referee test.  Grade 7 referees are encouraged to attend this clinic.  Click here to see a listing of the  State Referee Recertification Clinic

 2016 Intermediate/Advanced Referee Clinic

  • Date to be determined.
  • Tri-C West
  • 11000 Pleasant Valley Rd.
  • Parma, OH 44130

2016 Upgrade Clinic

This clinic is used to satisfy the requirements for a referee to upgrade from a Grade 8 to a Grade 7a and from grade 7 to 6.  Please see the current Administrative Handbook for the additional requirements to upgrade.

2016 Futsal Clinics 
Futsal is played on a hard surface court with a weighted ball. This is the international indoor soccer game and is gaining popularity throughout the United States and Ohio. Persons that complete this course will be able to attend Futsal tournaments that are held throughout Ohio and its neighboring states. You can find the FIFA Futsal Laws of the game by clicking here.

Referees that wish to become certified to officiate Futsal will need to take the Futsal Novice Course.  Currently registered Futsal Referees will need to take an annual Futsal Re-Certification course to maintain their registration.  Course schedules may be found on the upcoming events page or by clicking on the 2015 Futsal Clinics link.


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